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Our Mission Statement


At Griffin Training we are dedicated to delivering the highest standards of learning possible for all our learners.


It is our aim and that of our associates, to help you achieve your learning ambitions and realise your career potential.


Griffin Training’s experienced tutors and assessors pride themselves on their delivery skills and professional conduct. We consistently portray ourselves as exemplary role models for our learners and strive to make your learning experience enjoyable and fulfilling.



The Founders


Kirsty and Paul worked independently for a number of years before teaming up to deliver health and fitness adult education courses in Twickenham. Realising that they shared a common enthusiasm in the topic but both being frustrated by the lack of focussed courses for the fitness professional, they have developed Griffin Training to provide you with the courses you want at locations that provide more than just a classroom or gym facility. Click on our venues tab for more details of these locations.


Both continue to work on their own in their own fields and can individually offer other subjects. For example, Kirsty can provide horse riders with extensive health and nutritional advice and guidance for both rider and their horse. Paul can help golfers get the most from their game by improving their physical conditioning using strength & flexibility training, tailored to help them achieve their potential.